Speak 2 Lead


THE CLIENT: Today, English is the international language of business. Proficiency in the language as well as the ability to develop personal business skills are keys to success. Companies operating in today’s global market need their teams, managers and leaders to not only be proficient in English, but also to possess strong communication skills, business knowledge and cross-cultural awareness. Speak 2 Lead focus on developing these elements through English with instructor-led classes and eLearning. Speak 2 Lead in-depth feedback and monitoring ensure that learners can master the language and excel in their personal development.

3D icons

Elearning brought the classical learning methodology to a more modern and futuristic aspect of learning using a virtual oriented experience. For this reason, the client asked me to bring their existing brand to a more futuristic and technological look, with the addition of 3D and animated imagery that could represent their vision and mission. As first step towards the client needs, I designed and created 3 icons which symbolise the company name and vision: 1) the speech bubble indicating their aim to bring the client toward more confident and highly skilled speaking, 2) the horse - already present in their logo - used as symbol for business leaders, and 3) the chess pattern piece symbolising the strategic learning experience.

image project 01

The 3 icons were first created as vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator and later on imported and developed as 3D images in Maxxon Cinema 4D. Simple splines, extrude, and materials were created and applied to each icon. An external camera and few lights, including some colored light to put in evidence some outlines, were added to the scene.

The final project was animated in Cinema 4D using simple rotations of few elements in the scene, and a camera XYZ-translation. The final animated scene was exported as high quality .mp4 video, and used as an asset for the company website development, and for promotional marketing materials.

Website Design & Development

The design of Speak 2 Lead website started on paper, sketching the first draft version of its structure. The ideas where then vectorised in illustrator followed by the development of the wireframe in Adobe Muse.

image project 02

The work continued with the production of the prototype - Adobe Muse was used as platform - for the launching campaign. The design evolved with the addition of new and fresher color to the palette. From the prototype, using HTML, CSS and Javascript I developed the final and current version of the Speak 2 Lead website.

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Elearning Gamification

For one of the company training activities, a gamification questionnaire was required. The idea for the game pointed us to a simplified version of a board game, snakes and ladders - which could involve multiple players in case of group classes, but that could have also been played at the same time by a single student - all followed by the teacher during a class exercise or online between students after class. The game snakes and ladders is a very popular board game and the choice was easy.

Play the Game

The board, horse pieces for the different participants, tiles and other elements of the game were designed and created in Adobe illustrator. they were then imported in Adobe Edge Animate, and finally Javascript was added to create the drag and drop functions and the opening of the questionnaire. The game was then tested, and approved to be used in some of their exercise.

Promo Marketing Video

For the launching campaign, the client was looking for a self-explanatory promotional video which could set a good base for a B2B and B2C environment. After receiving preliminary guidelines, I designed and developed a storyboard for the promo. After a few little sketches, and I then started creating all the necessary assets using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for the graphics and Audition for the audio track. The designs and the audio track were then imported into Adobe After Effects, further edited, animated, and synchronised together with the audio track to produce the final motion graphic video promo.