Lovelace Engineering

Lovelace Engineering

THE COMPANY: Lovelace Engineering was founded in 2015 in memory of Ada Lovelace, a great woman, a wonderful scientist, and a free thinker. It provides expert advice and consulting on operational efficiency, modern scalable cloud infrastructure and engineering.

2D Logo

The client requested a new and modern looking logo which could reflect the meaning of the company name and brand, therefore including "passion" for "engineering" and their DevOp "cloud" expertise. After a brainstorming sessions with the client, and couple of sketches, the idea was set: a heart alimented by engineering gears originating a final shape of a cloud.

image project 01

After refining the sketches, I created the final logo as vector graphic in Adobe Illustrator, where the shapes and color palette where combined into the final product. The client wanted to use a bright color, and together we decided to go for a bright red, as it is used usually for symbolising hearts, love and passion.

Brand Identity Material

Once the logo idea was set and ultimately, it was straightforward to create a branding identity. Business cards were born presenting a white "cloud-framed" background, which showed, behind the scenes, the engineered gear system.

image project 02 All the graphics were designed in Adobe Illustrator, and the presentation mock-ups were created importing the PNG images of the graphics into a mock-up template in Adobe Photoshop.

2D Logo Animation

The client wanted to create a more modern and technological feeling to the brand, so they asked me to prepare an animated version of their 2D logo in order to be able to place it on their website, and use it in future marketing campaigns and promotional videos.

For the 2D logo animation, the idea is to show the engineering gears moving in order to give life to the heart-cloud system, which it is able to live thanks to the blood circulating system from the heart throughout the all cloud. The design of the animation was created in HTML5, by importing the 2D logo vector graphic from Adobe Illustrator into Adobe Animate CC. There, all the animations of the single gears, the blood circulation line, and the heart beats were created and combined synergically into the final animation.