Snakes and Ladders

The game is for 2 to 6 players - also one player can play alone - in presence of the teacher. The winner is the player who reaches first the Finish tile and answer correclty the final question chosen by the teacher.

    Game Rules

  1. Pick a colored horse piece.
  2. Push the "Roll" button to start rolling the dice, then push the "Stop" button to stop the dice from rolling.
  3. Move your horse piece of as many tiles as indicated by the number on the dice.
  4. If you reach a tile where a "ladder" is present (tile #2 and tile #7), advance your horse piece to the connected tile (tile #6 or tile #11 respectively). If you reach a tile where a "snake head" is present (tile #8 and tile #12), move your horse piece back to the connected tile (tile #1 or tile #5 respectivey).
  5. Click on the tile where your horse piece arrived.
  6. Answer the question appearing in the pop-up window, then press continue.
  7. If you give the correct Answer, you can roll the dice again, else the turn pass to the next player.
  8. Wins who arrives first to the FINISH tile and answers correctly to the final question.
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