Avanvera Tour

Avanvera Tour

THE CLIENT: Avanvera Tour is a social association of tour operators and guided travel agencies whose aim is to bring together expert and beginner travellers looking for a unique adventure and love to explore the place they visit outside the usual tourist attractions routes with or without the help of certified tour guides.

Web Development

The head of Avanvera Tour Association is the owner of Boipeba Bed and Breakfast, and after seeing the wonderful results obtained designing his bed and breakfast website, he asked my help once more for the design and development of a new website for his second project, Avanvera Tour. In addition to a new and modern looking website, he wanted to have the possibility of sharing every new trip experience with the world, not only using social media, but through personalised blog posts.

image project 01

Since the client was looking for a blog based website, the choice went for Wordpress as it is the most commonly used Content Management System, and very easy to use for non-developers. After setting up the basic site backend and with the help of the client, a standard template was chosen as a starting point for development structure of the online blog and website. Then, using HTML, CSS, and basic Javascript and PHP I started altering the basic structure of the template in order to reach a final look that satisfied the clients taste and needs. Check out the Website